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Monsignor José Bolivar: “The digitalization of our parishes is a milestone in administrative and pastoral management”.

The Diocese of Ambato digitizes with Ecclesiared to improve the administration of its parish archives

Why is it important for my parish or diocese to use software like Ecclesiared?

It is now possible to transfer the data from Catechesis and youth to the book of communions and confirmations.

The Diocese of Linares starts digitizing its parishes with Ecclesiared

The Bolivian Episcopal Conference starts the digitalisation of its dioceses and parishes with Ecclesiared

The Diocese of Punta Arenas enters Ecclesiared to digitise and streamline ecclesiastical procedures

The Diocese of Machiques in Venezuela goes digital with the implementation of Ecclesiared in its parishes.

The Diocese of Daule and its parishes go digital thanks to Ecclesiared

Archdiocese of San José also goes digital with Ecclesiared

Ecclesiared implements digital signature security on all its documents

The Mexican Diocese of Irapuato also goes digital with Ecclesiared

Archdiocese of Paraná joins Ecclesiared to modernise parish and diocesan management

10 advantages of using parish management software in your parish or Diocese

Ecclesiared unveils new design for the software’s communication module

Fernando Ramos: “With the entry into Ecclesiared we are sure that we will take a giant step forward in our parishes”.

The Archdiocese of Santo Domingo of the Dominican Republic goes digital thanks to Ecclesiared

Why is digitization important for the Dioceses and their parishes?

Diocese of Latacunga in Ecuador goes digital with Ecclesiared software

The Diocese of Santa María de Los Ángeles in Chile also goes digital with Ecclesiared

unify priests

How to unify the parish priests of my list of priests in Ecclesiared?

The parish archives, always the property of the parish and the Diocese.

Ecclesiared expands permissions management for your users

Ecclesiared improves donations to parishes

New tab “Circulars and communiqués” for Dioceses

How to send an email to thousands of people from Ecclesiared?

New Invoicing tab available in Ecclesiared

Ecclesiared launches new homepage design

It is now possible to send Whatsapp messages from Ecclesiared

The Diocese of Girardota enters the digital era of the Church thanks to Ecclesiared

How does digitization help parishes and dioceses?

It is now possible to export the Book of Masses to Google Calendar

Ecclesiared improves the Newsletter for parishes

The Diocese of Limón joins Ecclesiared

Ecclesiared adds the function of appending documents to parish Books

Ecclesiared welcomes the Diocese of Chiquinquirá

The Archdiocese of Leon joins Ecclesiared

Why computerize a parish archive?

What advantages does Ecclesiared offer to a Diocese or Archdiocese?

How to get and receive more donations in my parish?

How to computerize the parish archives of a parish?

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