Diocese of Latacunga in Ecuador goes digital with Ecclesiared software

The Diocese of Latacunga has taken a step forward towards the Digital Era that the Church is living today by joining Ecclesiared to digitize their parishes and thus be updated to the times we live in. Joining Ecclesiared will allow from now on the parish priests of the Ecuadorian Diocese to professionalize the administrative management in their parishes as well as to unify and homogenize the documents that are produced daily both in the parishes and in the Diocese itself.

Thanks to the famous parish management software, the Diocese of Monsignor Geovanni Mauricio Paz Hurtado is digitizing itself to protect all the information that its parishes keep in their Parish Books, which until now, being only on paper, were deteriorating due to the passage of time.

The entry in Ecclesiared will not only be a great advance for the parish priests and parishes of the Diocese of Cotopaxi but also for all their faithful. They will also benefit from the tool, saving waiting time when they go to their parishes in search of a specific document from the parish archives, such as a baptismal certificate or any other document.

In addition, the parish priests of the Diocese of Monsignor Geovanni Mauricio Paz Hurtado will also benefit from many other advantages offered by the software in other modules such as the Communication channel, the Diocesan Communications module, the Mass Book module, the newsletter module or the database modules such as the Catechesis and Youth module or the Pastoral Agents module.

Ecclesiared, the most widely used software for Dioceses and Parishes

With a presence in more than 25 countries around the world, Ecclesiared has become in recent years the most important parish and diocesan management software in the world, an indispensable tool to protect the history of the Church and to ensure that parishes are not left behind in the digital world in which we live.