Ecclesiared adds the function of appending documents to parish Books

Ecclesiared’s technical team has added a new feature to the world’s leading parish management software so that the thousands of parishes and dioceses using the administrative management system can benefit from a very interesting improvement.

As of today, parishes will not only be able to computerize all the records they have in their parish books on paper, as they already did, but they will also be able to add documents attached to each record in PDF format.

This will allow Ecclesiared users to take a photograph of the book on paper and attach it to the record, as well as to add additional information and keep it together with the computerized record of the book.

Thus, a parish priest who adds a record from the baptismal book can also save the documentation he deems appropriate with his record, thus being able, in the future, to not only search and locate the record in just seconds but also to find all the information that was attached to the record at the time.

Ecclesiared users will find this new functionality in the form of a paperclip icon in the “Parish Books” tab, specifically in the Index tab of each of the 5 books.