Ecclesiared expands permissions management for your users

With the beginning of the new year, a new improvement has seen the light of day in the famous parish and diocesan management program Ecclesiared. With the firm intention of continuing to improve the tool and to listen to some of the requests of the many Dioceses and parishes that use the tool around the world, the Technical Support team has worked in recent weeks on a new adjustment.

This time, the improvement comes in the form of permissions so that pastors, when creating a user to work in the tool, can mark whether that user will have full control of the module (read and edit data) or read-only (can view but not edit, add or delete records).

In this way, a pastor who wants to create a user to help him, for example, in modules such as the Cemetery, Accounting, or Parish Books, can grant him reading or editing and reading permissions according to his work or role in the parish.

It should be recalled that the tool already allowed to select for each user the modules that were within their competence, thus dividing the access to the software according to the roles of each of the people who assist the parish priest in the parish management of the parish.  However, with this new adjustment, the parish priests will still be able to take the fragmentation of permissions for each of the users of the important Catholic platform one step further.