Ecclesiared launches new homepage design

The parish and diocesan management program Ecclesiared has renewed, today, the design of its website. After long days of work, the Ecclesiared Technical Support team has been able to implement and activate a new improvement for the thousands of users of the famous Catholic software.

The update, which does not affect the administration panel that Ecclesiared users find when logging in, is an improvement that has focused on aesthetic level in the home or main website. This means that, from now on, everyone who accesses the Ecclesiared website will be able to see a new interface that is much more intuitive and comfortable for the visitor, thus being able to easily discover the work that we have been doing in the last decade in thousands of parishes and dioceses in more than 25 countries around the world.

The new design responds to a need and a commitment to continue improving and offering the best service to the thousands of parish priests and lay people who, day after day, access the software to work with the information of their parishes.

“It is a spectacular design. Simple, elegant and very comfortable for the user who enters Ecclesiared every day as well as for the new visitor who comes for the first time in search of information,” said Adrian Rodriguez, CTO and head of the important IT team of the famous parish and diocesan management software.

If you haven’t seen the new design yet, we invite you to check it out by visiting