Fernando Ramos: “With the entry into Ecclesiared we are sure that we will take a giant step forward in our parishes”.

In an effort to adapt to technological advances and improve the administrative management of its parishes, the Archdiocese of Puerto Montt has decided to join Ecclesiared to carry out a digitalization program in all its parishes.

The digitization project seeks not only to save work time in the parishes but also to facilitate access to information for parishioners who often go to a parish office in search of a document and see how obtaining a document leads to days of waiting.

“The process of discernment that we have done in recent years in the Church in Chile, as well as in our Archdiocese, has helped us to realize the importance of having a more agile, transparent and orderly administration at the service of our faithful. For this reason, Ecclesiared is presented to us as an effective tool to conduct these processes in an increasingly digitalized world that demands quick solutions,” said Fernando Ramos, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Puerto Montt.

From now on, and thanks to the Ecclesiared software, the Chilean Archdiocese will be able not only to make its information more accessible, but also to conserve and protect something as valuable as the parish archives of all its parishes. Furthermore, with this digital tool, it is expected to strengthen communication, participation and evangelization within the religious community as many other Dioceses have already done around the world thanks to this software.

The implementation of the software will begin with training sessions in which different professionals will train pastors and lay people in the tool. These sessions will be carried out with the clear objective of discovering to the parish priests and lay people who help in the parishes the advantages that technology and digitalization will offer them from now on.

The Archdiocese of Puerto Montt recognizes that the digitalization of parishes does not replace the importance of human contact and face-to-face community. However, it considers that this digital tool is a complementary way to bring the faith closer to people in an increasingly connected and digitized world. In fact, as its archbishop affirms “with the entry into Ecclesiared we are sure that we will take a giant step that will favor the integrated administration and management of all our parishes”.

With this exciting digitalization project, the Archdiocese of Puerto Montt positions itself at the forefront of the integration of technology in religious practice, demonstrating its commitment to adapt to the current times and offer an enriching experience for all believers.