How does digitization help parishes and dioceses?

In recent years, technology has taken hold in society, making life much easier for everyone. Long gone are the memories of people going to the bank to withdraw money to pay their bills. Today, we all pay with our cell phones or make transfers using a computer, saving time and making everything much simpler and faster.

But it is not only banks that have adapted to this digital era. The Church and its parishes have also done so. In fact, tools such as have become in recent years indispensable tools for thousands of pastors and lay people who help in their parishes and who need an administrative program to organize all their data.

What are the advantages of digitization for parishes?

  1. Computerization and preservation of Church history. Ecclesiared enables thousands of parish priests around the world to computerize their entire parish archives and preserve them for the future.
  • Immediacy and speed. Having the parish archives computerized makes it possible to extract any certificate or document in just a few seconds.
  • Online work. Ecclesiared allows through a user management, to be able to work all online, that is to say, each one from his own computer and all of them always in the same database.
  • Forgetting to make backup copies. The backup copies are automatic, so there is no need to be aware or waste time in making copies of our information.
  • Digital evangelization. Things have changed and we must be in the digital world to inform all our faithful, whether they live in our neighborhood or 2,000 kilometers away.

Enter the digital age and don’t waste any more time. If you don’t try digital evangelism, you’ll never know what you’re missing.