How to unify the parish priests of my list of priests in Ecclesiared?

unify priests

Parishes that begin to work with Ecclesiared parish management software are aware that the program itself allows them to have a list of parish priests in which to include all the priests who have been part of the parish over the years. From the tab “Configuration – Manage priests”, any Ecclesiared user can save the database of the priests who have been in our parish at some point in time. In this way, we can, for example, quickly find out how many years a parish priest has been in the parish or simply know his nationality or any other interesting information.

But why do I find duplicate or misspelled parish priests?

However, although in the mentioned tab you can easily add one by one all the parish priests who have been part of the history of the parish, there are some parishes that enter Ecclesiared with databases from other old programs. In these cases, our Ecclesiared Dump team takes care of dumping this information to the software but in some cases it happens that this data, not having a “list of priests” in the previous program, duplicates the information of some parish priests.

If this is your case, and when you go to “Configuration – Manage Priests” you find many parish priests duplicated or written in a different way, it is because either you have entered the same priest several times with some variation or because you had a wrong database from another program.

In these cases, Ecclesiared advises you not to delete any record. You will simply have to edit the names to write them all in the correct way and thus unify them. Once you have made the necessary corrections, send a message to “Technical Support” and our IT team will be happy to carry out the necessary unification.