It is now possible to send Whatsapp messages from Ecclesiared

In the last few days the Ecclesiared technical team has been working on a new improvement in order to further enrich and improve the most important parish and diocesan management software in the world.

On this occasion, the improvement (free, like all Ecclesiared updates) is driven by the request of some parish priests who in recent months have asked Technical Support to link the famous messaging application Whatsapp with Ecclesiared to facilitate and improve the communication of the parish priests with the members of their parishes.

Therefore, from now on, the parish priests who use Ecclesiared will be able to address the people registered in their databases easily with Whatsapp, being able to write any message to their phones from their own computer.

To whom can I send a whatsapp message from Ecclesiared to my parishioners?

With Ecclesiared you can send messages by Whatsapp to the people registered in our databases, specifically, to the people registered in the tabs of “Catechesis and youth” and “Pastoral Agents”.

How do I send a whatsapp from Ecclesiared?

To send a message through Ecclesiared we should go to the tabs mentioned above (“Catechesis and Youth” or “Pastoral Agents”) and fill in the record of each person, the phone number of the person in question.

It is important to add the prefix before the telephone number.

Subsequently, if we access the tab in question, we will look for the person in the search engine and we will find that to the right of the record, there are three icons (whatsapp, edit and delete). By simply clicking on the whatsapp icon you can send a message.

In the case of wanting to send a whatsapp to members of the “Catechesis and youth” group, the process will be the same. The only difference is that in this case, it will allow us to select whether we want to send the message to the child, the father or the mother.