Monsignor José Bolivar: “The digitalization of our parishes is a milestone in administrative and pastoral management”.

The Diocese of Riobamba continues to take important steps towards the modernization and digitalization of the Church. And a good proof of this is the implementation in its parishes of Ecclesiared, the most important parish and diocesan management software in the world and one of the keys for thousands of parishes and bishoprics around the world have been digitized in recent years.

After more than a year working with the famous parish management program, the parishes of the diocese have made a qualitative leap in their parish offices and have been able to improve both their work times and all their management. Where before it took the parish priest several days to locate and deliver a baptismal certificate to a parishioner, now with Ecclesiared the parish priests deliver their documents in just a few seconds, to the joy of all their faithful.

This is undoubtedly one of the great benefits of the tool, but not the only one, since thanks to, the parishes of the Ecuadorian Diocese now have all the information of their parish archives protected and safeguarded.

In fact, as Bishop José Bolivar Piedra acknowledges, “the implementation of the software has been a great success since we now provide a better service to our faithful”.

“The adoption of Ecclesiared has represented a crucial step towards the modernization of our diocese. This software allows us to manage our administrative and pastoral tasks more efficiently and securely, freeing up time so that we can focus on what really matters, serving our community” acknowledged Monsignor.

With this digitalization, the Diocese of Riobamba, as well as many other dioceses in the country that also use the software, continue to be a reference for other bishoprics that have not yet been able to make the leap to the Digital Era of the Church.

“The digitalization that we are carrying out in our parishes and in our diocese is a breakthrough that marks a milestone in the administrative and pastoral management of our ecclesiastical communities. This digital transformation is improving efficiency in our parishes and strengthening the connection between the church and our parishioners through the use of cutting-edge technologies,” said the Monsignor.