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More than a decade helping the Church

Jorge González

Jorge González Guadalix

Blog de Profesión cura, Archidiócesis de Madrid, España

“Both my partner and myself are very satisfied with the application. It is easy, convenient and simple. Having all the data in the cloud makes our work much easier, since any of us can access it at any time. It is also very useful that each user can customize the services they are interested in.”

José Tobías

José Tobías Cedeño

Parroquia Jesús Obrero, Arquidiócesis de Guayaquil, Ecuador

“Ecclesiared is a magnificent management system for parishes and dioceses that has helped us to have everything organized and computerized, as well as available from anywhere in the world”.

Diócesis Panamá

Jorge A. Fuentes J.

Director Tecnología de la Arquidiócesis de Panamá

“With Ecclesiared we are organizing the information of all the parishes of the Archdiocese of Panama. This allows us to know the reality of each one of them in an agile way, both for pastors and parishioners. I really like the fact that Ecclesiared is always ready to support us. I recommend it”.


Harvey Lizarazo Arévalo

Ntra Sra de Chiquinquirá, Arquidiócesis de Bucaramanga, Colombia

“Ecclesiared is an evangelization service put in common and at affordable costs for our Colombian community. All this helps us enormously in our daily parish life as pastors and parishioners”.

Bishop Fernando Ramos

Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Puerto Montt

“The discernment process that we have done these last years in the Church in Chile, as well as in our Archdiocese, has helped us to realize the importance of having a more agile, transparent and orderly administration at the service of our faithful. Ecclesiared is presented to us as an effective tool to conduct these […]

Agustín Alcayde

Agustín Alcayde

Vicario Episcopal de la Archidiócesis de Valencia, España

“Ecclesiared has allowed us to have computerized and organized the administration of the parish, the cemetery and the economy. It has helped me to keep everything up to date and to be able to see day by day how the parish is evolving. In addition, our parish now has a means of communication thanks to […]

Our work

What does the Catholic media say about Ecclesiared?

Our work over the last decade has been picked up by important Catholic religious information media that have not hesitated to talk about the enormous advantages that this tool offers to thousands of parishes and Dioceses in more than 25 countries around the world.