The Diocese of Girardota enters the digital era of the Church thanks to Ecclesiared

The Diocese of Girardota in Colombia joins Ecclesiared in order to bring technology to all its parishes and thus facilitate the management and administration of something as valuable for any parish as its parish archives.

With the clear intention of continuing to improve the organization of our parishes and with the firm commitment to update and enter fully into the Digital era of the Church, the Diocese led by Monsignor Guillermo Orozco Montoya will use from now on the most important parish and diocesan management software in the world.

In this way, all the parishes of the Diocese of Girardota will have the possibility of computerizing all their parish archives with Ecclesiared, something that will allow all the parish priests to have all their information available in just a few seconds, as well as to interconnect all the parish priests of the Diocese through the communication channel that Ecclesiared offers.

However, not only the parish priests will benefit from the use of this tool, but also the parishioners, since from now on they will be able to obtain any certificate from their parish in just a few seconds. In fact, this software will allow both the parish priest and the trusted people who help in the parish office to locate, print and deliver any item, report or certificate quickly to the parishioners or even to the Diocese itself.

With the entry of the Diocese of Girardota, Ecclesiared consolidates its position as the most important parish and diocesan management software in the world since, in addition to helping other Colombian Dioceses, it also helps hundreds of Dioceses in more than 25 countries around the world.