The Diocese of Limón joins Ecclesiared

The parish management program Ecclesiared has welcomed in recent days the Diocese of Limón. The Costa Rican Diocese, led by Monsignor Javier Gerardo Román Arias, joins other dioceses in the country that have recently seen in Ecclesiared the best way to organize and preserve all the historical parish archives of their parishes.

With the clear intention of updating and entering the Digital Era of the Church, the Diocese of Limón will use from now on Ecclesiared, the most important management program for Dioceses in the world and an indispensable tool for any parish in this 21st century.

All this will allow the parishes of Limón to have all their parish archives computerized, not only to save time and work for the parish priests and parish councils, but also to improve the lives of parishioners who need to obtain a baptismal certificate or any type of parish certificate and who will now be able to do so in just a few seconds.

In addition, parishes will also enjoy other advantages offered by Ecclesiared, such as being able to work as a team, since parish priests will be able to create as many users as they need. All this will favor teamwork in the parishes and the decentralization of tasks, since now each assistant will be able to work from his own computer and online.

Likewise, the Diocese of Limón will also benefit from other great advantages such as the internal communication channel in which both the parishes and the Curia will always be intercommunicated not only among themselves but also with any parish or Diocese in the world.

In the coming days, the Ecclesiared Training team will train all pastors and their councils in the use of the platform so that all members of the parish councils of the Diocese know all the benefits of Ecclesiared.