The Diocese of Santa María de Los Ángeles in Chile also goes digital with Ecclesiared

The Diocese of Santa Maria de Los Angeles has taken a step forward towards digitalization by joining Ecclesiared in order to help all its parishes to digitalize and computerize their parish archives. With this measure, the Chilean bishopric reaffirms its commitment to the current times in which we live, thus achieving not only that its parish priests are updated with the use of the famous parish management software, but also that both the parish priests themselves and the laity benefit from the possibilities offered by having a computerized parish archives.

Just like many other dioceses around the world that already use Ecclesiared, the diocese of the Biobío region will not only have the peace of mind of having its parish archives computerized, but will also know that from now on the information that was previously stored on paper will be digitized with Ecclesiared. All this will ensure the conservation and durability over time of such important information as we have in the parishes.

However, this will not be the only advantage that parish priests will be able to enjoy from now on, since all of them will be able to locate and print any certificate in just a few seconds, thus saving work time both for the parish priests who must locate the items, and for the faithful who go to their parish to get a document and spend hours or days waiting for the document.

Furthermore, the Diocese that Monsignor Pedro Felipe Bacarreza Rodriguez leads, will be intercommunicated from now on thanks to Ecclesiared, benefiting the communication between all its parishes and parish priests thanks to the communication channel that the parish and diocesan management software offers to all the parishes in the world.

Ecclesiared has already started training sessions with all the parish priests and lay people committed to their parishes so that all the people involved receive the best training for the use of the tool.