The parish archives, always the property of the parish and the Diocese.

Often parish priests and their parishioners encounter a recurring problem in every parish. The paper parish books are being damaged by the passage of time. Even in those older parish books, the ink is disappearing. And of course, what is going to happen to the paper parish books we have in a few years?

Digitization of parish books, the solution

If we do not want to lose such valuable information in each parish as the Parish Books, both pastors and lay people who help in the parishes should be concerned about taking a step forward in this era of digitization. And the way is undoubtedly the computerization of the Parish Books since, in this way, not only will we be able to access any record from the computer without touching the paper, but also, we will be able to print any item in just a few seconds. Thus, neither our parishioner will have to wait 2 days nor our parish priest will have to spend as many days looking in the paper book for the record and then write the document by hand.

And is the information always from the parish?

Obviously, the parishes that keep their data in Ecclesiared are the SOLE OWNERS of the parish archives. Ecclesiared states in all the contracts it signs with parishes and dioceses that its obligation is the mere conservation and protection of this information, being always the parishes and dioceses the responsible and owners of this information.

In other words, Ecclesiared acts as a bank does with its clients, keeping and protecting their money in the bank. However, the big difference is that in Ecclesiared, what is protected and preserved are the parish archives of the parishes and dioceses.

What if I unsubscribe?

If at any time a parish were to unsubscribe for whatever reason, their information would be delivered to a database since the information is always the property of the parish. Once the information is delivered, Ecclesiared would delete the user and therefore the file would be destroyed.