What advantages does Ecclesiared offer to a Diocese or Archdiocese?

That the digital era has come into our lives to make our lives easier is no longer disputed. And that is why thousands of parishes all over the world have jumped on this digital wave with the intention of not only taking care of all the historical information of their parishes but also with the objective of improving their work processes, saving time and achieving better results for their parishioners.

In fact, some of the most important Dioceses in the world have not hesitated to see in Ecclesiared a great opportunity to organize their parishes administratively and therefore, their Diocese. One of the best examples is the Archdiocese of Panama, organizer of the WYD in 2019, who thanks to Ecclesiared has organized all the information of their parishes in a more efficient way than the rest of the bishoprics.

But what benefits does Ecclesiared offer to a Diocese?

1.- Users per parish. With Ecclesiared, each of the parish priests of your Diocese will have their own user with which they will be able to computerize their data. At the same time, each parish priest can create his own users so that members of his councils can also have access and help them.

2.- Communication between parishes. The internal communication channel allows communication between parishes and also from the Diocese to all of them. Forget about e-mails and wasting paper.

3.- Master user for the Diocese. The bishopric will have a master user with which it will be able to access the data of the parish archives of all its parishes at the same time.

4.- Diocesan agenda included in the parish agenda. It has never been easier to communicate the Diocesan agenda. When the Diocese user adds a meeting, it will be visible to all parishes in the Diocese.

5.- Ecclesiared technical support. The technicians are the workers of Ecclesiared. The diocese should not worry about finding people to train or assist the parish priests. It is Ecclesiared who makes available to all the parish priests a channel of attention to answer their questions.