Connectivity Everywhere

Forget the heavy books and folders to travel with the information you need always with you. Connect and access all the information of your parish from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

Digitize your parish archive

Easily locate and print baptismal certificates, confirmation certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates ... with a single mouse click. Discover the best statistics on all your parish records.

Create your own website

Easy and with hardly any computer knowledge. Communicate with your parishioners through the advantages that the network offers. Choose one of the different designs available and from there manage both your photos and your content.

Ecclesiared currently are used by parishes in more than 100 dioceses of 20 countries.

Digitize and manage all the information of your parish easily.

Parish Books

Digitize your parish archive and have access to it. Locate, print and send all kinds of records with a single click.


Keeps up-to-date accounting with a computer program with all the specific accounts and sub-accounts that a parish needs.

Parish Cemetery

Easily manage available niches, occupied niches as well as utility bills and maintenance.

Ecclesiared versión móvil


Create your web page in a fast and simple way. Inform the millions of users that surf the web of your schedules, activities, events and news.


Keep in touch with the rest of the parishes of your diocese or the rest of the diocese. Send and receive internal messages

Book of Masses

Bring up to date the celebrations and acts of worship controlling the stipends and donations that each of these generate.

More Ecclesiared features

In addition, our parish management program also includes:

Donation management

Receive donations from users who browse through your web page and can easily issue tax relief receipts for donors.

Newsletter to your Pastoral Agents

Enjoy a database of Pastoral Agents to which you can send emails in bulk so that they are informed at all times of the activities of the parish.

Official documents

Benefit from a mailbox of official documents that will help you in the parish and sacramental management.

Brotherhood / association module

Keep updated the registry of all those that make up the religious associations. Manage the offerings and generate remittances simply.

About us

Jorge Valldecabres

Jorge Valldecabres

CEO - Executive Director
Adrián Rodríguez

Adrián Rodríguez

María José González

María José González

Víctor Díaz

Víctor Díaz

Country Manager Ireland & UK
David Sanmartín

David Sanmartín

COO Operations Director Latin America
Oscar Mejías

Oscar Mejías

Analyst developer

Advisory Board

Eduardo Ruiz Romeo

Eduardo Ruiz Romeo

Director of the Retail Management Program.
IE Business School
Fernando Otero de Navascues

Fernando Otero de Navascues

President Nartex Foundation
Ambassador to the State of the Vatican City
Rafael Lluna

Rafael Lluna

Auren Consultant
Daniela Leal

Daniela Leal

Hugo Echevarría

Hugo Echevarría

Development Director Cortizo Abogados

Important Catholics businessmen of the Spanish society support Ecclesiared, a tool that has helped in the last five years thousands of parishes in 12 countries to improve in their administrative, communicative and evangelizing tasks.


Can I manage the users and their access to the information?

Yes. The main user can create all the users he needs with their respective keys to manage and control the information of the parish. These will only have access to the modules that the main user has assigned, making it impossible to access the rest of the information.

Can I connect from any computer?

Of course. Ecclesiared is not a desktop program. It's a cloud software that you can access through the website. In this way you can connect to the platform from any computer with an Internet connection.

Do I need to have high computer skills to use the program?

No, Ecclesiared platform has been developed and designed in a very intuitive way so the users have no problems when they use the platform.

Why use this program?

Ecclesiared is a platform that offers a wide variety of integrated services to solve the needs of the parish of today. Manage the information of your sacramental books, internal communication, accounting and enjoy a web page among many other things.

Where is the information stored?

Ecclesiared has high-powered servers with which it keeps the information safeguarded with all possible guarantees for any parish.

Can I dump the information that I already have in this new platform?

If you have a software in which you have computerized your database, the Ecclesiared technical service offers you the possibility of dumping this information into your new platform so that you can enjoy all the advantages of the program.

What our priests say

Testimonials from pastors who already use Ecclesiared

"We have managed to have all the ecclesiastical information quickly, and now we are also able to better manage the economy of the parishes."
Parroquia de Santa Ana, La Vellés, Salamanca
Mr. Antonio Martín Olivera
Parish de Santa Ana, La Vellés, Salamanca
"An essential tool for the Church in the era of communication that we live."
Parròquia Sant Josep, Ibiza
Mr. Josep Lluís Mollà
Parish Sant Josep, Ibiza
"We have gained hours of work in administration tasks and we have improved our work of evangelization in the network."
Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Montserrat, Picanya, Valencia
Mr. Alfonso Ibáñez
Parish Ntra. Sra. de Montserrat, Picanya, Valencia
"Ecclesiared is a great system that helps us have everything organized and available wherever you go."
Parroquia Jesús Obrero, Arquidiócesis de Guayaquil, Ecuador
José Tobías Cedeño
Jesús Obrero Parish
Archdiocese of Guayaquil, Ecuador
"A service of evangelization put in common and at affordable costs for our Colombian community and that helps us enormously in our parish day."
Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Chiquinquirá, Arquidiócesis de Bucaramanga, Colombia
Harvey Nayib Lizarazo Arévalo
Parish Nuestra Señora de Chiquinquirá, Archdiocese of Bucaramanga, Colombia
"The program has helped me to organize the parish in a quicker and easier way, I have direct contact with all the faithful of my parish without the Government's vigilance and I can send the programming of the celebrations scheduled to each person of the community. well a good communication. "
Parroquia La Asunción de Nuestra Señora (Valencia)
Wilmer Gil
Parish Nuestra Señora de Lourdes
Diocese of San Felipe, Venezuela
"A means for evangelization: presence in the network, organized information, incarnated economy, advantages for inter-church communication ... And possibility to be attended according to the parish needs." Not only is it a program, it is also a parish management advisory. "
Párroco de Unitat Costa Calvià (Mallorca)
Mr. Pep Toni Guardiola
Parish priest of Unitat Costa Calvià (Mallorca)
"Both my partner and a server we are very satisfied with the application Easy, comfortable, easy to have all the data in the cloud makes our work much easier, since any of us can access at any time. that each user can customize the services in which they are interested. "
Parroquia Santa Eularia (Ibiza)
Mr. Jorge González Guadalix (De Profesión, cura)
Parish Beata María Ana Mogas (Madrid)
"Ecclesiared has allowed us to have computerized and organized the administration of the parish, the cemetery or the parish economy, it has helped me to have everything up to date and to be able to see day by day how the parish evolves. of communication as a parochial web page to be able to evangelize. "
Parroquia La Asunción de Nuestra Señora (Valencia)
Mr. Agustín Alcayde
Episcopal Vicar and Parish La Asunción de Nuestra Señora (Valencia)


Our plans

  • Administrative
  • Package also available for Diocese
  • User accounts
  • Parish Books
  • Book of Masses
  • Catechesis management
  • Diary
  • Technical support
  • Request price
  • Social
  • Package also available for Diocese
  • User accounts
  • Parish Books
  • Book of Masses
  • Masses on line
  • Catechesis management
  • Diary
  • Inbox
  • Website
  • Technical support
  • Request price
  • Additional modules
  • Package also available for Diocese
  • Accounting
  • Parish Cemetery
  • Brotherhood / association module
  • Request price

Aware of the different needs that each parish presents, Ecclesiared offers a wide range of possibilities for parish priests to find the product that best suits their needs.

Once you sign up on the Ecclesiared platform, you will receive the keys and you will have access to the program.

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