The Ecclesiared parish management program is the most important catholic software in the world today. Thousands of parishes and dioceses have all their parish archives computerized thanks to a tool that takes care of, protects and preserves parish information for life.

Ecclesiared is used in more than a hundred dioceses around the world

Enter the Digital Age of the Church

Discover the most important parish software in the world

Are you still wasting hours and hours searching for and writing handwritten certificates? Are you still worried about parish books and the passage of time? Enter the Digital Church Age to preserve and protect your parish history for a lifetime.

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Present in more than 25 countries

Enter the Digital Age of the Church

Importants dioceses around the world use the software to standardize their documents, unify their administrative processes, communications and tasks. In this way, their parish priests can locate, print and deliver church documents in just a few seconds.

Help your parish

Free data dump

Ecclesiared has a Technical Department specialized in data dump and migrations. In this way, those parishes that already have a database can integrate their information into the system without any problem.

Guaranteed document authenticity

Electronic document signature system

Ecclesiared has an electronic signature system that allows the verification of electronic documents by means of secure verification codes.

This unique alphanumeric code will appear on all ecclesiastical electronic documents issued by Ecclesiared, thus guaranteeing their validity and allowing any parishioner to verify their authenticity.

How it works

Organise and manage your parish professionally

Discover the benefits of technology thanks to a tool that has changed the lives of thousands of parish priests and millions of parishioners around the world.

Computerise your archive

Digitise your parish archive and access it from anywhere. Locate, print and send all types of records in seconds.

Communicate with any parish in the world

Keep in touch with the other parish priests in your diocese and with any parish in the world.

Stream your Mass

Broadcast your masses live online thanks to the parish website that Ecclesiared offers you.

Receive online donations

Receive online donations from your parishioners through the Ecclesiared website.

24/7 technical support

All users have at their disposal an internal help channel to be attended by technical professionals.

Send Whatsapp to your followers

Ecclesiared is linked to Whatsapp so that our users can send personalized communications to their "Pastoral Agents" and "Catechesis and Youth" databases.

Discover the free app


In addition to working from your computer, thanks to the free Ecclesiared app you can also access all the information about your parish from your own mobile phone. Download the app and access your parish’s historical archive whenever and wherever you want.

User testimonials

More than a decade helping the Church

Bishop Eugenio Coter

Bishop of the Bolivian Bishops Conference

“The adoption of Ecclesiared in our parishes in Bolivia represents a crucial step towards a more efficient and connected Church in the digital age. This software allows us to modernize our administrative processes and gives us the opportunity to offer a better service to our communities in the country.”

Jorge González

Jorge González Guadalix

Blog de Profesión cura, Archidiócesis de Madrid, España

“Both my partner and myself are very satisfied with the application. It is easy, convenient and simple. Having all the data in the cloud makes our work much easier, since any of us can access it at any time. It is also very useful that each user can customize the services they are interested in.”

José Tobías

José Tobías Cedeño

Parroquia Jesús Obrero, Arquidiócesis de Guayaquil, Ecuador

“Ecclesiared is a magnificent management system for parishes and dioceses that has helped us to have everything organized and computerized, as well as available from anywhere in the world”.

Diócesis Panamá

Jorge A. Fuentes J.

Director Tecnología de la Arquidiócesis de Panamá

“With Ecclesiared we are organizing the information of all the parishes of the Archdiocese of Panama. This allows us to know the reality of each one of them in an agile way, both for pastors and parishioners. I really like the fact that Ecclesiared is always ready to support us. I recommend it”.


Harvey Lizarazo Arévalo

Ntra Sra de Chiquinquirá, Arquidiócesis de Bucaramanga, Colombia

“Ecclesiared is an evangelization service put in common and at affordable costs for our Colombian community. All this helps us enormously in our daily parish life as pastors and parishioners”.

Bishop Fernando Ramos

Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Puerto Montt

“The discernment process that we have done these last years in the Church in Chile, as well as in our Archdiocese, has helped us to realize the importance of having a more agile, transparent and orderly administration at the service of our faithful. Ecclesiared is presented to us as an effective tool to conduct these […]

Agustín Alcayde

Agustín Alcayde

Vicario Episcopal de la Archidiócesis de Valencia, España

“Ecclesiared has allowed us to have computerized and organized the administration of the parish, the cemetery and the economy. It has helped me to keep everything up to date and to be able to see day by day how the parish is evolving. In addition, our parish now has a means of communication thanks to […]

Pep Toni Guardiola

Santa María de Portals, Diócesis de Mallorca, España

“A means for evangelization: presence on the web, organized information, incarnated economy, advantages for inter-ecclesial communication? And the possibility of being served according to parish needs. It is not only a program, it is also a parish management consultancy.”

Alfonso Ibáñez

Alfonso Ibáñez Pardo

Parroquia Patriarca de San José, Archidiócesis de Valencia, España

“With Ecclesiared we have gained hours and hours of work in administration and management tasks. We have also improved our work of evangelization on the web, something fundamental in the times we live in.”


Wilmer Gil

Nuestra Señora de Lourdes, Diócesis San Felipe, Venezuela

“The program has helped me to organize the parish in a faster and easier way. I have direct contact with all the faithful in my parish without the oversight of the government and I can get the schedule of the scheduled celebrations to each person in the community, thus having good communication.”

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