How to get and receive more donations in my parish?

With the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of parishes around the world have been forced to close their places of worship at the request of governments and for the safety of our parishioners.

All this has obviously affected many parish priests who have encountered innumerable economic problems as they have seen how their income has been drastically reduced. And the absence of the collection and the decrease in donations, has been a big problem in recent months because, countless receipts are still pending payment by our parish priests.

However, this health situation has also caused many parishes to bet on digitalization and technology to generate new economic income to help them alleviate the difficult economic situation they are going through.

If we can’t pass the brush, how do we leverage online donations?

1.- Enter Ecclesiared and on its web page, create a news item. You can generate a news item explaining what you need the donations of your faithful for, what purpose you want to achieve, for what purpose…

2.- In that news, you can add a bank account number to make a deposit or link through a link to the donations section, where we will have previously filled in our account number so that it is registered.

However, there are also other ways such as entering a phone number to make a transfer through Bizum (a tool that banks have with which you can send transfers through a cell phone number).

3.- Share the link of your news through social networks, whastapp and all possible digital channels. We need to reach as many parishioners as possible.

4.- Use the Ecclesiared newsletter tab to send the news link to all our parish databases (to all our pastoral agents as well as to parents of young people in catechesis).