The Diocese of Ambato digitizes with Ecclesiared to improve the administration of its parish archives

In a significant step towards the modernization and digitalization of the Church, the Diocese of Ambato has decided to implement Ecclesiared software in all its parishes to protect parish archives, improve the administration and organization of the sacraments and provide a better service to the faithful of its communities.

From now on, the 51 parishes of the Ecuadorian Diocese will adopt Ecclesiared, a recognized software that integrates and simplifies all the administrative tasks that both parishes and Dioceses perform on a daily basis. In this way, parish priests and lay people will benefit from a tool that will not only help them to search, locate and print ecclesiastical documents in just a few seconds, but will also greatly simplify the long waiting processes suffered by thousands of lay people when they want to obtain an ecclesiastical document in their parishes.

With this technological incorporation, the Diocese led by Monsignor Giovanny Pazmiño Abril follows in the footsteps of other dioceses in the country, such as the Archdiocese of Portoviejo, the Diocese of Latacunga, the Diocese of Riomamba or the Diocese of Daule, among others, which have already been digitized with Ecclesiared software in recent years.

In the coming days, to ensure a smooth and effective transition to the digital environment, the technical team of Ecclesiared will conduct several training sessions aimed at both clergy and laity of the diocese. These training sessions will be aimed at explaining and familiarizing all users who will be working with the software from now on with the benefits it offers, thus ensuring its correct use and exploitation.

The Ecuadorian parish community is eagerly awaiting the benefits that this tool will bring to their parishes to improve coordination, communication and service in all the parishes of the diocese.