Ecclesiared improves donations to parishes

The Technical Support team has been working in recent weeks on a new improvement in the famous parish management program so that parishes using this important tool can receive donations more easily on these important dates.

Those parishes using the Ecclesiared Social package, which includes a parish website, will now be able to see how, once they enter the software, they will find in the Website – Donations module how a new menu has been deployed so that parish priests can configure different forms of transactions to receive donations.

From now on, parish priests will be able to set up three options for receiving donations, thus making it easier for parishioners who wish to make a donation to help their parish.

What donation options does Ecclesiared offer for my parish?

There are three options that Technical Support has introduced to assist parishes:

1.- Paypal. It is the most interesting option since it is possibly the most established option in the world of sending money. To do this, the pastor must open an account in the Paypal platform with which he can receive his donations (it is free). Once the account is created, the parish priest will have a sending link that must be configured in Ecclesiared by simply adding it to the field provided for this purpose. In this way, anyone from anywhere in the world will be able to send any donation with a credit or debit card. An example of this type of link that Paypal generates is

2.- Bizum. This option allows the parish priest to receive donations via cell phone. Bizum is a tool that banks in Spain mainly offer to their customers to send money. It is only necessary to have a bank account and have the phone number of the person to whom we want to send the money.

3.- Bank transfer. Ehis option is the most traditional. The pastor can add a bank account number so that any parishioner who wants to help the parish can do so by making a transfer.

Now that you know about this new enhancement, log on to with your username and password and configure your settings. Then remember to share your website with your parishioners so they can help the parish.